The Dominion History Project is a community based program for the promotion of Canadian history and citizenship.   Established in 2002, The Dominion History Project was created as an educational tool out of a feeling that many Canadians did not realize the importance of history to their citizenship.  If you do not know the history and geography of where you live, you cannot truly appreciate your citizenship or fully participate in being a citizen. 

The goal of The Dominion History Project is twofold.

For native born Canadians:

To provide a sense of the importance of their citizenship through  respecting and preserving Canadian history and geography.

For immigrants:

To provide information and assistance to obtain Canadian citizenship and encourage participation in their new community and country.

At public events such as Canada Day celebrations we challenge the public with interactive quizzes, games, and prize drawings while providing essential information about this country to immigrants and Canadians alike.

Citizenship classes are available year round at no charge and participation with Citizenship Ceremonies is strongly encouraged.

Contact us for the next class series.

A Strengthened Citizenship

A strengthened citizenship

through education

and interaction with Canada’s history

and geography.

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